Potato Flakes

Potato Processing EquipmentGreat for a variety of products including mashed potatoes for restaurants, home uses, and frozen dinners, our potato flakes are also a favorite ingredient in baked goods including: cakes, biscuits, pancakes, muffins, donuts, breads, dumplings, and tortillas.

Dehydrated Potato Product Production

Keystone Potato Products offers rich, flavorful dehydrated potato flakes, an all-purpose ingredient excellent for food service and bakery applications as well as a variety of food manufacturing purposes.

The sheer versatility of potato flakes make them a popular option for many manufacturing purposes including:

Binding Meat
Free starch in dehydrated potato flakes can act as a binding agent to hold meat together.

Chicken Breaded with Potato FlakesBreading for Fish, Meat, Vegetables
When mixed with flour or used alone, potato flakes can create a wonderful breading, especially for fried foods.

Prepared mashed potatoes can be squeezed from pastry tubes to decorate food.

Color & Flavor Enhancement
A thicker darker crust and richer flavor can be achieved using potato flakes.

Shelf-Life Extender
Using as little as 5% dehydrated potatoes can help retain moisture and preserve freshness.

Thickening Agent
Flakes can be added to broths, gravies, sauces, and stews to thicken the consistency.

Flakes can give salty snacks like chips a uniform shape. They can also be used to create potato chunks used in soups.

Yield Improvement:
The weight of potatoes increases the yield for baked goods.